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Water Stories

Bodies of water – and the mysteries that lie beneath their surface – is the thread that runs throughout this deeply-layered audio travelogue. Inside these three extended tracks,
I take you searching for sea monsters in Iceland, waking the souls stranded underwater in a shipwreck off the coast of Cyprus, and exploring a series of majestic underground caverns by canoe in Thailand. My goal is to create a uniquely emotional experience. Ellison Wolf of Waveform Magazine described Water Stories as “a relaxing, positive-vibed, soothing listen.” It has also been featured on numerous playlists, and was named one of the best Ambient/Space Music releases of 2022 by Lloyd Barde.

Chris Meyer of Alias Zone

Chris Meyer

Alias Zone has been described as the “zen master alter ego” of Chris Meyer of Each composition starts with a sound that catches Chris’ ear – may it be an experiment on his modular synthesizers, a particular rhythmic pattern, a field recording, or even something as simple as a Tibetan bowl being struck. From this core, he builds a story or entire world by researching the background of those core sounds, and then weaving in layers of complimentary sounds and textures as he conjurs his own alternate or “alias” narrative.

Musically, modular synthesis is at the core of each new Alias Zone composition. However, Chris is unafraid to blend in plucked arpeggios, ambient soundscapes, ethnic rhythms & percussion, and recordings including spoken word in different languages on his path to creating his uniquely emotional, impressionistic electronic music.

Upcoming Events

October 4, 2023, 7 PM

Citizen Vinyl - Asheville, North Carolina

Michelle Moog-Koussa – Bob Moog’s daughter – will be interviewing myself and Dave Rossum of E-mu Systems & Rossum Electro-Music about the evolution of modular synthesis from the 1960s to today. I will then play a roughly one hour set (in quad!), followed by a question & answer session. There is room for a small in-person audience; there will also be a livestream in exchange for a donation. Click here for more information including links to tickets. For those who might be in the area, I will be in the Moogseum the day before playing with their vintage Moog modular, chatting, signing books, and having fun in general. 

October 7, 2023 (schedule to come)

Slingshot Festival – Durham, North Carolina

I will be performing in quad at The Fruit in Durham as part of this year’s edition of the Slingshot Festival along with many other wonderful performers. Tickets are available now; schedule to follow.

October 8, 2023, 7 PM

Green Vinyl Factory - Charolette, North Carolina

I will be performing another one-hour set in quad, this time with Leo Wolf and Benjamin Sochko opening for me. We will also be fundraising for the citizens of Ukraine. There will be both an in-person audience and a live stream on Bandcamp.


Official Live Bootleg: The Barefoot Trail

Live performance at 17th Street Recording Studios, Costa Mesa, California

The Barefoot Trail is an aural travelogue about how the ancestors of the Zuni people emerged from the underworld,
and to this day make a pilgrimage every four years to Zuni Heaven.

Audio recorded by Lewis Richards at 17th Street Recording Studio in Costa Mesa, California

Chris Meyer: modular and virtual synthesizers and samplers; acoustic percussion

Alias Zone - We Only Came to Dream album cover

the Previous album

We Only Came to Dream

Aztec poetry (read by a descendent of the author), a Buddhist ceremony in Vietnam, and a Navajo elder sharing his wisdom provide the inspiration for the tracks on this album. Chris Meyer takes these seeds and carefully crafts entire musical worlds around them with each story slowly unfolding for the listener to explore and enjoy. Two pieces also contain flute solos by old friend Richard Bugg, who appeared also on the original Alias Zone ablum from 20 years ago, Lucid Dreams.


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